5 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Nowadays, you will rarely find a wedding or big event without a photo booth because people simply love them. Photo booths are a great form of event entertainment as they usually provide different silly props like wigs, masks, and signs that make guests laugh. Whether you are planning a wedding or any other type of celebration, here are five reasons why you need to set up a photo booth at your next event.

1. Affordability

While it used to be too expensive for everyday people to have a wedding photo booth and was thus largely limited to celebrities and big sponsored events, its increasing popularity has made photo booths accessible for everyone. On average, having a photo booth at an event costs $700-$1,000, depending on the length of time and features you decide on.

2. Provides customized souvenirs for every guest

In the age of social media, everyone loves to take their pictures, so photo booths are an ideal way to get together with friends and get instant print-out memorabilia of an event. Custom-print designed photos are available to guests in black and white or color within a few minutes and make for ideal event souvenirs.

3. It can help to improve the atmosphere

Events can become boring if not planned properly. Photo booths are a great ice breaker and a cost-effective, simple, hands-off source of entertainment that will ensure people enjoy themselves, make some memories at your event, and get to know one another.

4. A great way of self-promotion

You can generally customize a photo booth in whatever way you want. For example, for your wedding you will want to put your name and that of your partner; as a brand, you can put your logo and the date and name of the event - a perfect way of sneaky self-promotion.

5. Suitable for people of all ages

Anyone enjoys a photo booth, regardless of age. It’s a way for older and younger generations to bond and excellent for networking: just take a picture with anybody, and voilá - you’ve made a new friend.


People love taking photos of themselves, so every guest will for sure try the photo booth you set up at your event. They will get their printed images with the name and date of your event and likely share them on social media. If the photo does end up on social media, it will forever be remembered as it will pop up in people's memory year after year, and you will have created a truly unforgettable event.

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